Metal is considered to be a noble, durable and customizable material that addresses numerous issues. Steel and aluminum in particular possess numerous properties that respond to the environmental concerns of a building’s life cycle. Identifiable at first sight, metal enhances the appearance of buildings by adding a resolutely modern, high-end touch.


Metal is so strong that maintenance work in the plenum is no longer a problem, especially with metal panels, for example. The panels can be easily removed countless times, without suffering any damage during the maintenance operations.

At the same time, the mechanical characteristics of steel allow for the creation of light and supple bearing structures that free up more living space.

Recyclable, recycled and sustainable

Steel is 100% recyclable, without affecting its qualities and without incurring any landfill costs. In fact, it is known for being the most recycled material in the world.

Aluminum only uses 5% of the energy required to make it in the first place.
These two materials can be recycled indefinitely.
They are also highly resistant to corrosion. A benefit that extends the lifespan of coated steel to more than 25 years.

As well as being durable, steel and aluminum can be easily recovered, thanks to the well-organized recovery channels. They help to make the overall deconstruction operation more profitable.

Steel has magnetic properties, meaning that it can be easily sorted from general waste and household refuse. The selected collection of waste metal enables it to be optimally incorporated in the manufacturing process. Our ceilings contain an estimated 16% of recycled steel.


Thanks to the anti-corrosion systems, metal coatings (galvanization) or paint, steel retains all its properties for the complete lifespan of the structure. This resistance is reinforced by oven-polymerized polyester lacquer, offering excellent resistance to UV rays and scratches.

Thanks to this material, which forms the main component of the metal framework, constructions have remarkably long lifespans. Aluminum is insensitive to humidity, sun and temperature variations.


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