Wall to wall suspended ceilings system

...Wall to wall suspended ceilings, the ideal solution dor offices, meeting rooms, showrooms


  • Extensive choice of styles (perforations, colors, shapes, etc.)
  • Possibility of incorporating fixtures
  • Seamless color scheme


  • Resistant to handling
  • Wide and complete range: ceilings on brandrasters, monolithic ceilings, tiles, etc.
  • Easy to install, use and maintain

Read our brochure and discover our 4 types of wall to wall suspended ceilings :



    Stylishly modern systems that allow access to the plenum while guarenteeing superior comfort (visual comfort, acoustic and thermal performance, etc.), meaning that they are the ultimate office 

    The advantages :

    • Suspension carriers for removable partitions walls
    • Various options: hook-on panels, lateral sound insulation, fire resistance, climate ceilings


    4 systèmes :

    Panel on C brandraster system - PM2 - 
    Panel on omega brandraster system - Hook-on PM2 - 
    Panel on omega brandraster system, fire-resistant - Hook-on PM8 SF - [Plafometal-SC-130]
    Panel on C brandraster - PM5 - [Plafometal-SC-140] 



        Sleek systems : the gris are concealed to create a monolithic appearance, while allowing access to the plenum. The ceilings are ideal for meeting rooms and reception areas.

        The advantages :

        • Concealed grids for ceilings with a solid appearance
        • The plenum can still be accessed
        • Hook-On and Clip-In systems
        • Various options: secure access, outdoor installation, fire resistance, climate ceilings

        4 systems :

        Hook-on panel on concealed grid system - Horus - 
        Clip-in panel on concealed grid system - clip-in PM2 - 
        Clip-in tile on concealed grid system - Monobac - 
        Clip-in tile on concealed grid system, fire-resistant - Monobac SF - [Plafometal-SC-240]



        Standard systems that can be adapted to all types of ceiling design : tiles are installed on a T grid and can easily be removed by simply lifting the title.

        The advantages :

        • Modular ceiling
        • Tiles compatible with all T15 and T24 grids
        • Easy removal by simply lifting the panel
        • Finishes: several types of edges (straight, flush, tegular, etc.)

        1 system :

        Metal tiles on exposed grid : h0, h2, h8-e15, h8-e24 - [Plafometal-SC-310]