Product Benefits

  • Practical: grid and panels supplied in kit format
  • Aesthetics: conceals the plenum when viewed at an angle, while creating an impression of space and light
  • Safety: high air space ratio for active fire protection systems

Related system :
Double skin open-cell with integrated grid system SQUARE I [PLAFOMETAL-OC-130]

Caracteristics & Performance

Fire reaction

According to EN 13501-1 :

  • Euroclass A1

Chemical resistance

Our metal ceilings and wall panels have been tested with three types of disinfection chemicals recommended by the World Health Organization against the main viruses, including COVID-19: sodium hypochlorite 2.5%, hydrogen peroxide 6% and ethanol 70%.
Test methods include long or repeated exposures to these chemicals. The results are evaluated according to the standard exposition EN 12720 and the standard disinfection and wet abrasion ISO 11998 (tests carried out with a microfibre cloth).

All metal ceilings are resistant to these three disinfectants. However we recommend some product depending on the use:

  • Sodium hypochlorite 2,5%: OK for all ceilings (no visual change)
  • Hydrogen peroxide 6%: only black powder-coated ceilings show minor visual change ; no visual change on other ceilings
  • Ethanol 70%: only white prepainted and wood finish ceilings show minor visual change ; no visual change on other ceilings

This is valid for all products (steel and aluminum, prepainted and powder coated, with acoustic complement).


Environment and health

  • Our ceilings can be fully recycled over an indefinite period of time.
  • They are sustainable, easy to maintain, produce no dust, particles or vapor, are inert and odor-free.
  • They do not promote microbial growth and do not emit any VOCs or formaldehyde.

CE Marking

  • DoP No.: @@MARQUAGE_CE@@

Indoor Air Quality

The products are classified:

  • A+

Installation & Cleaning

Type of installation

  • Framed installation
  • Installation in humid environement

Installation (preview)

  • Installation according to DTU 58.1
  • Framed installation : hangers with 1,200-mm centers starting 300 mm from the wall, and U-section carriers with 1,200-mm centers and U-section cross tees with 600-mm centers.
  • Installation in humid environments: particular precautions are required. It is important to determine the degree of corrosion exposure on a case-by-case basis. The contractor is responsible for submitting its plan to the client for approval. For more information, contact us

Colors & Dimensions


  • Aluminum 0.4 mm thick.


Colors and finishes

  • Standard White ( RAL 9003) - polyester prepainted.
  • Metallic grey (RAL 9006) - polyester prepainted.
  • Black (RAL 9005) - polyester prepainted.
  • Other colors subject to quantity - polyester prepainted.


Module dimensions

  • 1,200 x 600 mm.
  • Other dimensions on request.

Cut outs and integrations

  • Slot-in supports for spots, sprinklers or other fittings on request.

A day-to-day support

At Plafometal, we support our customers on a daily basis through each step of a construction project. Following the whole project, from the building owner’s request to the delivery, we provide our customers with all advice and recommendations they may need.

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