Product Benefits

  • Acoustics: high lateral insulation performance Dn,f,w up to 53 dB
  • Installation: solution suitable for using carriers to create partitions
  • Opening: wide access to the plenum with hook-on options
  • Safety: BRZC edges to prevent panels from falling if opening a ceiling frame

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Self-supporting panel on C-bandraster system PM5 [PLAFOMETAL-SC-140]

Caracteristics & Performance


  • αup to 0.75 with the DECIBEL range

Check out our video "Acoustic metal ceilings" in our Learning Center.


Acoustic filling

  • DECIBEL offer: product has insulating wool and plasterboard inlay.

Acoustic performances of ceilings are guaranteed for products defined, controled and entirely delivered by Plafometal.


Sound insulation

  • Dn,f,w up to 53 dB

Light reflexion

  • Up to 87%.

Fire reaction

According to EN 13501-1 :

  • Euroclass A1 for the prepainted non-perforated
  • Euroclass A2-s1, d0 for non-perforated powder post-painted
  • Euroclass A2-s1, d0 for prepainted and post-painted in the DECIBEL range


Environment and health

  • Our ceilings can be fully recycled over an indefinite period of time.
  • They are sustainable, easy to maintain, produce no dust, particles or vapor, are inert and odor-free.
  • They do not promote microbial growth and do not emit any VOCs or formaldehyde.

CE Marking

  • DoP No.: 0007-200.

Indoor Air Quality

The products are classified:

  • A+ for all the products non-perforated
  • A+ for all the products in the DECIBEL range, with a specific mineral wool pad in the plastic film
  • A for all the products in the DECIBEL range, with a specific mineral wool pad with black tissue face

Installation & Cleaning

Type of installation

  • Framed installation

Installation (preview)

  • Installation according to DTU 58.1
  • Framed installation : hangers with 1,200 mm centers starting 300 mm from the wall, and rails with centers up to the panel's self-supporting capacity.

Disassembling for access to the plenum

  • By lifting the panel (overlapping side) in the grid.

Colors & Dimensions


  • Galvanized steel 0.6 or 0.7 mm thick depending on the width and length.


Colors and finishes

  • White 137 (~ RAL 9003) - polyester prepainted.
  • Metallic Grey (RAL 9006) available on request - polyester prepainted.
  • 180 RAL colors available on request - polyester powder coating.

Perforations on steel

  • Plain
  • 11% Ø1.5 M
  • 22% Ø1.5 M
  • 10% Ø2.5 M
  • 12% Ø2.5 U (only with perforations that stop short on the four sides)
  • 16% Ø2.5 U (only with perforations that stop short on the four sides)
  • 23% Ø2.5 M
  • 18% ØIRR irregular (maximum width 400 mm)


Module dimensions

  • Widths: 300, 400 and 600 mm. Others available on request.
  • Length on request (min. 900 – max. 3,000 mm).
  • Height 50 mm.
  • Max. self-supporting capacity: 1,800 mm for a width of 300 mm.

Cut outs and integrations

  • Bespoke factory cut-outs on request.

A day-to-day support

At Plafometal, we support our customers on a daily basis through each step of a construction project. Following the whole project, from the building owner’s request to the delivery, we provide our customers with all advice and recommendations they may need.

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