Our Services

Plafometal puts our Design Office at your disposal, made up of experts who will accompany you throughout your project.

They'll put their know-how and experience to work to make your ideas a reality and help you design, develop and install tailor-made metal-ceiling solutions to suit your projects.

1. Design

Definition of the project with the project owner:
Construction projects are usually ordered by a project owner, who has specific prerogatives to pilot the project.
The project owner works with a team of “commissioning parties” (an acoustics engineer, an architect and an economist), who are all capable of offering advice in the different phase of the construction project.
Plafometal intervenes in this first step by working with the project owner’s team to define the precise needs and point the project in the most appropriate direction.

Right from these first contacts, our back office team is tasked with forwarding the project owner’s request to our Sales Manager.
The two teams divided up the work: the Sales Manager is in charge of the project-related aspects, while the back office and the design office concentrate on the construction.

Collection of information
In this step, the project team collects as much information as possible about the construction and the various stages of the project: the building, the regulatory performance requirements, the planned project schedule, etc.
The information is then sent to the Construction team.

2. Calls for tender

Opening the study case
The Construction team takes all this information and proposes made-to-measure solutions that meet the needs of the project.
The design office starts work on the explanatory drawings, offers help with the design and validates the feasibility of the project.
The Quoting Office is tasked with quantifying any requests for “non-standard” product prices.

By offering a solution adapted to the technical complexity of the project in collaboration with the architect, Plafometal contributes to the development of the project owner’s particular technical specifications.

Selecting the project players
The project owner then issues a call for tender to find a project manager, who will be in charge of preparing the project on the basis of the particular technical specifications.

A second call for tender is then issued by the project manager to select the contractors for the various work packages included in the technical specifications (e.g. walls, ceilings, floors…).
Plafometal takes part in this step by offering a broad range of technical metal ceilings solutions to the companies selected for the project.

3. Implementation

Daily support
Regular meetings are held with the customer.
Our Project and Construction teams work together to help the customer to raise an order that meets all the imperatives (e.g. deadlines and packaging).
The Sales Manager then approves the content of the project and remains at the customer’s disposal throughout the whole project.

Order processing and shipment
Plafometal fulfills customer orders optimally and rapidly, thanks to its tightly controlled and reliable orders procedure.

As soon as the project becomes a reality and the order is ready, the Construction team processes the order according to the type of product. At the same time, an internal meeting is organized to coordinate the production and delivery of the products.
The company then offers to help the fitters with the installation of the metal ceilings on the site.

4. Long-term monitoring and reviews

Plafometal proposes two types of monitoring services.

External: with alert points and pre-closure initiated by the Sales Manager, with a view to defining a clear backward schedule of the project.

Internal: follow-up on quantity and schedule requirements, and arrange the global coordination of the various steps of the project.

At the end of the project, the back office organizes a meeting to close and review the project.