Our BIM expertise

What is BIM?

BIM - or Building Information Modeling - is primarily a new collaborative working method for all those within the construction industry.

BIM groups in a digital space all of the physical and functional characteristics of a project. It also allows a construction project to be modeled dynamically throughout the building’s life cycle, from design to renovation or demolition, as well as the entire operating phase.




Let Plafometal assist you with your BIM projects.

At Plafometal, we know just how important it is to optimize processes, data and tools to coordinate the design, construction and operation of your buildings efficiently.

That is why we decided to join the digital revolution sweeping the construction industry and offer you easy access to these new working practices brought about by BIM and the digital model.

Designing a project with a BIM system saves time and drives down costs, while simplifying the project management process by improving cooperation and information sharing between construction professionals.



Our BIM objects

Plafometal provides designers with the BIM objects that correspond to its product ranges. The reliability of the information and data is guaranteed by Saint-Gobain. In addition, users have access to the specifications, characteristics and technical documents associated with these products. Finally, the Saint-Gobain library is also a forum in which designers and users can easily meet dedicated Saint-Gobain brand contacts who are able to answer product-related questions.



Download our BIM objects

Visit the Saint-Gobain / Plafometal BIM Library to view and download the BIM objects created by Plafometal.



An example of the assistance that we can provide: Ajaccio hospital

Our BIM team worked on Ajaccio Hospital, the first 100% BIM project in Europe. The client chose 24,000 m² of Eurocoustic acoustic ceiling for 2,100 rooms in the new hospital. The 3D layout for the ceilings was created directly in the BIM digital model.

The digital layout allowed the contractor to easily generate the 2D construction drawings and produce accurate bills of quantities for each system component (tiles, hangers, main beams, cross tees and corner trims), thereby saving time and improving reliability when procuring and installing the materials.

Watch this film to see the project design process.


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In addition to supplying BIM objects, we are experts at using specialized design and construction software suites and are ready to help you design, build and operate your projects more effectively. Contact us through our website (click on "Another type of request" / BIM), so that our specialist teams can discuss your BIM projects with you.  Contact us