Mobile applications

Digital technologies are helping keep the Eurocoustic and Plafometal ranges of acoustic ceilings ahead of the innovation curve.

Plafond Designer

Saint-Gobain Eurocoustic and Plafometal present "Plafond Designer", the first mobile app bringing augmented reality to the world of acoustic suspended ceilings.

Featuring a combination of real, fictitious and virtual elements, Plafond Designer is a decision support tool with the potential to design a wealth of acoustic modular ceilings using a selection of stone wool and metal products.

The principle involves taking a photo directly with the app or using a pre-recorded project. Plafond Designer can then be used to define the outline of the ceiling and choose the products before displaying a photo of the final design. Users receive an email with a summary of the project, including before and after photos, the selected products and the associated technical information (acoustic certificates, fire safety test reports, data sheets, declarations of performance, and so on), and a bill of materials to simplify the ordering process. Professionals will enjoy the time saved!

The Plafond Designer app addresses the needs of building and construction professionals (specification writers and tradesmen) and their behavior faced with the latest information and communication technologies*.

Therefore, architects, specifiers and tradesmen can freely create and visualize their modular ceiling projects.

  • 96% of architects and 81% of tradesmen use the Internet as part of their everyday work.

  • 83% of architects and 66% of tradesmen own a smartphone with Internet access.

  • 31% of architects and 23% of tradesmen use a tablet for work.


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