Product Benefits

  • Creates an impression of space and light, in addition to indirectly concealing the plenum space.
  • Enables active fire protection networks to operate depending on cells’ dimensions.
  • The grid disappears from view to give the impression of a ceiling created from a single element.
  • Panels can occasionally be removed.
  • A cost-effective linear effect open-cell ceiling solution.

Caracteristics & Performance

Acoustic filling

  • Please contact us.

Fire reaction

According to EN 13501-1:

  • Euroclass A1 


Environment and health

  • Our ceilings can be fully recycled over an indefinite period of time.
  • They are sustainable, easy to maintain, produce no dust, particles or vapor, are inert and odor-free.
  • They do not promote microbial growth and do not emit any VOCs or formaldehyde.

CE Marking

  • DoP No.: .

Indoor Air Quality

  • The products in the range are classified A+

Installation & Cleaning

Installation (preview)

  • Hangers with 1,200 mm axis regularity and U-shaped runners with 600 mm axis regularity.
  • Important: if sprinklers are inserted above the suspended open-cell ceiling, the total plan open area of the ceiling, including light fittings, must not be less than 70% of the ceiling plan area according to EN 12845: 2004 £ 12.4.14.
  • In practice, an open area greater than 80% is frequently required for the ceiling elements.

Colors & Dimensions


  • Aluminum 0.4 mm thick.


Colors and finishes

  • White polyester prepainted.
  • Metallic grey polyester prepainted.
  • Black polyester prepainted.
  • Polyester prepainted in other colors depending on the quantity.
Grilam i


Module dimensions

  • 1,200 x 600 mm.
  • Other dimensions on request

Cut outs and integrations

  • Slot-in supports for spots, sprinklers or other fittings upon request.

A day-to-day support

At Plafometal, we support our customers on a daily basis through each step of a construction project. Following the whole project, from the building owner’s request to the delivery, we provide our customers with all advice and recommendations they may need.

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