Product Benefits

  • High acoustic correction: Absorption coefficient αw up to 1
  • Impact resistance: Tested according to standard, NF P 08-301
  • Aesthetics: Wide choice of perforations and colors
  • A indoor air quality

Caracteristics & Performance


  • Orion: αw= 1
  • Infinity: αw= 0.95

Acoustic filling

  • The inlay comprises an acoustic fleece and a 40 mm thick stone wool panel.

Fire reaction

  • A2-s1, d0

Impact resistance certificate

The Acoustiroc® panels have been tested according to standard NF P 08-301.

  •  Soft body impact test (50kg bag): withstands up to 400 J
  • Tennis ball impact test: withstands up to a ball speed of 180 kph


Environment and health


  • The aluminum and steel are indefinitely and 100% recyclable.
  • Mineral wool is recyclable and the vast majority of the production scrap is recycled.


  • Stone wool panels are manufactured with fibers exempt from the carcinogenic classification (European Regulation 1272/2008 as amended by European Regulation 790/2009). This exemption is certified by the European Certification Board (EUCEB - According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, mineral wool is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans (Group 3).

Installation & Cleaning

Installation (preview)

  • Video installation guide below
  • Refer to the installation guide for more details.

Colors & Dimensions


  • 0.8 mm thick galvanized steel panel.
  • 1.5 mm thick aluminum profile.


Colors and finishes

  • A range of 12 modern colors is available, inspired by current trends and with a high-end Soft Touch finish.

Textured finish for all colors except "Blanc Pur" and "Vert Anis".




Module dimensions


  • Width : 790 mm
  • Height : standard = 2700 mm (between 2100 and 3900 mm on request)
  • Thickness : 40 mm

A day-to-day support

At Plafometal, we support our customers on a daily basis through each step of a construction project. Following the whole project, from the building owner’s request to the delivery, we provide our customers with all advice and recommendations they may need.

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