About Us

Plafometal, a French manufacturer of acoustic metal ceilings and wall panels, can draw strength from over 40 years' recognised expertise to deliver support and guidance throughout your projects. Plafometal breathes life into your most creative architectural designs.


For more than 40 years, our team of experts has been working with metal and using its natural qualities to provide solutions for metal ceilings that are both flexible and sturdy, decorative and technically effective.

Our products are designed in France by a team of specialists who are well versed in the problems specific to each phase of your building's life. Manufactured from recycled steel or aluminum, our materials are protected to preserve their properties and ensure the longevity of your installations without requiring any specific maintenance, and they can be dismantled cleanly and recycled.

We offer a broad range of acoustical and decorative ceilings that can be modulated to suit your needs: tiles, swing-down, self-supporting, heating/cooling panels, etc., conceived primarily for non-residential premises - offices, hospitals, stations, shopping centers, schools, and more. An engineering bureau is also at your disposal to guide you throughout your project and develop, along with you, innovative, functional solutions that suit your building spaces.
You'll be able to create your own unique, bespoke suspended-ceiling system, combining acoustical performance, handsome design and durability.


Browse through the pages of this brochure and check out our range of stylish acoustic solutions designed to bringing superior comfort and well-being to all the building's occupants and users. This book is designed to fire the imagination and provide a wealth of practical information. Discover all the benefits of a metal design, our teams' expertise and our ability to offer everyday support for leading all your ceiling and wall panel projects. Together, we can use metal to give your architectural designs an eye-catching look with everlasting appeal.