Plafometal, the french expert in acoustic metal ceilings and wall panels, supports you in design of tailor-made systems

Plafometal helps you to create, design and bring to life your most creative architectural projects. We can offer solutions with the performance, technical qualities and style to meet any space constraints and ensure your customers' comfort.

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  • The expertise of a dedicated in-house design engineering department
  • Fully customized systems
  • Capable of accommodating any architectural constraints and limitations
  • Freedom of creation, flexibility and reactivity
  • Vast and unlimited solutions for bringing your projects to life


Discover how we can support you throughout your projects

Plafometal is your partner from project design through to implementation !


Supporting creative architectural designs

  • Bespoke solutions developed to complement your architect's creative flair
  • A range of unique and exceptional solutions, including acoustic rafts, baffles with a wooden base, 6 meter-high pyramids, curved ceilings with lighting ducts and mirror ceilings
  • Customised elements designed and created to ensure a flawless finish for even the most creative projects


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Don't refrain your imagination, we will provide the solution.

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Special shaped ceilings

Profiles & interfaces


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Discover our flagship projects, in different market segments (education, offices, health, commerce, culture & leisure)

Together, we can use metal to give your architectural designs an eye-catching look with everlasting appeal.

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