Product Benefits

  • Excellent acoustic performances.
  • Length can be adapted as required. The system is quick and easy to install.
  • Can be swung down from one side or the other, to allow the entrance of people from a side door.
  • Absorbs alignment gaps with vertical partitions thanks to a grid with an offset edge.
  • Hollow edge joint, enabling ventilation of the plenum when used in hospitals.
  • Available in a fire-resistant version.

Caracteristics & Performance

  • αw to 0.85 with the ALPHA offer
  • αw to 1 with the ALPHA PLUS offer

Light reflexion

CIE Lab index:

  • 88.1% for 11% ø1.5 perforated white products
  • 85.7% for 22% ø1.5 perforated white products

Fire reaction

According to EN 13501-1:

  • Euroclass A1 for prepainted products in the ALPHA offer
  • Euroclass A2-s1, d0 for powder coated products in the ALPHA offer
  • Euroclass A2-s1, d0 for all the products in the ALPHA PLUS offer


Environment and health

  • Our ceilings can be fully recycled over an indefinite period of time.
  • They are sustainable, easy to maintain, produce no dust, particles or vapor, are inert and odor-free.
  • They do not promote microbial growth and do not emit any VOCs or formaldehyde.
  • This product has a verified environmental and sanitary declaration that can be downloaded from or from the Learning Center.

CE Marking

  • DoP No.: 0007-200.

Indoor Air Quality

The products are classified:

  • A+ for all the products in the ALPHA offer
  • A+ for all the products in the ALPHA PLUS offer, with specific mineral wool pad in thin plastic film
  • A for all the products in the ALPHA PLUS offer, with a specific mineral wool pad with black tissue face

Installation & Cleaning

Installation (preview)

  • Installation in corridors
  • Wall profiles to be fixed to the wall and Orial hinged profiles to be screwed
  • underneath the wall profiles.

Disassembling for access to the plenum

  • The panel is opened by pushing it upwards and then sliding it sideways to liberate it from the hinged profile.
  • The panel swings down and remains suspended on the opposite profile. The panel is repositioned in reverse, ensuring that the panel is correctly positioned so as to respect the alignment between one element and the next.

Colors & Dimensions


  • Galvanized steel 0.6 or 0.8 mm thick depending on the width and length.


Colors and finishes

  • White 137 (≈ RAL 9003) polyester prepainted.
  • *RAL 9006 metallic grey polyester available on request.
  • Polyester powder coating: 180 RAL colors available on request.
Perforated Orial


Module dimensions

  • Widths: 300, 400 and 600 mm. Others available on request.
  • Length on request (min. 800 – max. 2,500 mm).
  • Height 50 mm.
  • Max. self-supporting capacity: 2,500 mm for a width of 300 mm in the classic version.
  • Note the height under the ceiling for the opening.

Cut outs and integrations

  • Factory cut outs on request.

A day-to-day support

At Plafometal, we support our customers on a daily basis through each step of a construction project. Following the whole project, from the building owner’s request to the delivery, we provide our customers with all advice and recommendations they may need.

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